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Brandon Delvo is the Dem-NPL and Labor endorsed candidate in District 2 for the North Dakota House of Representatives.

Brandon is also Chairman for Bonetraill Township, located roughly 30 miles northwest of Williston.

Brandon was born in Williston, ND to John and Teresa Delvo.  Teresa is a Grenora native and a graduate of Rocky Mountain College.  John, born in Fargo, ND, is a graduate of the University of North Dakota.  Brandon is the oldest of two other siblings.

He spent much of his early years on the Rustad family Century Farm in Bonetraill with his grandfather. During those summers on the farm, his grandfather taught him the value of hard work, practical skills, and most of all, integrity. 

Before graduating from high school, he received his Eagle Scout award.  The years in Boy Scouts paved an early path of leadership and gave him critical skills that would benefit him when he enlisted in the U.S. Army after 9/11.  

Upon graduation from high school, Brandon served in Iraq in 2004 & 2005.  He was a part of the massive effort to stabilize the ever growing civil war taking place within the country.  His primary duties were hauling ammunition, destroying IEDs and destroying captured weapons stockpiles.

After his first deployment, Brandon moved back to the family farm, south of Grenora, ND where he currently lives today.  The farm holds a special place in his heart, like that of those who came before him.  He has worked for various farmers, ranchers and in the grain-buying sector.  He also worked 5 years for the Department of Homeland Security.  In 2006 he reclassified his Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) to Infantry.

In 2007, Brandon was deployed to the nation’s southwest border with the Montana National Guard in an effort, signed by the President, to assist our Border Patrol.  Brandon got to see first hand our immigration system at work.  “It was a total opposite as to what we see on our own northern border,” he said.

In 2008, Brandon volunteered to go back to Iraq with a Washington-based Infantry Brigade.  The country had changed since he was there 3 years ago.  The war had shifted to a more political climate in an effort to continue stabilizing the country and preparing it for the hand-off to Iraqi forces.  This is where Brandon got his first taste of leadership in combat.  He worked his way to becoming a vehicle commander where he was in charge of three to four soldiers at any given time. Brandon believes that teamwork and leadership come hand-in-hand.  Strong leadership and working as a team will always show positive results. Brandon has always shown strong leadership, and encourages others to do the same.  He believes that we are all leaders and should pass on those qualities to each other.

Brandon graduated in May 2016 from Williston State College with an Associates Degree in Political Science and History. He currently is an online student at North Dakota State University and is working on his Bachelors Degree in Political Science and History.  

Since childhood he has had an interest in government and history. He believes that we must remember our history so we can better understand the proper direction we should take for the future. At this time, his formal education may differ from many others.  During his 11 years in service, he worked and attended National Guard training.  It was difficult to complete school and do deployments at the same time given our mission readiness.  His priority was to focus on the task at hand while overseas.  He was honorably discharged from the North Dakota National Guard in 2013.

Brandon worked for the Williams County Highway Department for 5 years. He has seen the effects of the past few years to our infrastructure.  He hopes we can find good solutions to better our infrastructure.  

Brandon has been active in many area organizations.  As an avid lover of history, he belongs to The Fort Union Muzzleloaders and the Fort Buford Sixth Infantry Regimental Association.  He belongs to veteran organizations: The American Legion, VFW, and Disabled American Veterans.  As an avid outdoorsman, he belongs to Pheasants Forever. He is also a member of Moose Lodge 239, Williston, ND.

Brandon has strong leadership qualities.  His leadership has been groomed since he was young and proven in such places as the battlefields of Iraq.  His skills have carried well into the job sector.  He believes in a “Pay it Forward” philosophy.  What we invest in today will pay off in the future.